Tips for Better IT Service Desk and ITSM Metrics

  • 13 September 2021
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Many IT organizations still struggle with performance measurement, particularly when their formal metrics don’t match business perceptions of IT. To help, here are a handful of IT metric improvement tips:

  1. Be clear on the purpose of your metrics - ensure that you use metrics for productive reasons, such as driving improvement
  2. Avoid having too many metrics - use only the metrics you need and report on only what’s important to stakeholders
  3. Measure what’s important AND in the right places, so this would be at end-user touchpoints in many instances
  4. Take your IT metrics beyond your IT operations - instead, align the metrics with desired business outcomes
  5. Understand the context of metrics and how different metrics are related - also ensure that you understand the behavioral aspects of the employed metrics, i.e. where the metrics drive the right and wrong behaviors in people
  6. What’s important today might not be next year - so periodically review your metrics, changing metrics and/or targets as appropriate.

What would you add to this short list? Or would you like more detail on what I mean? Perhaps you disagree with me (which is often a good thing)? For any of these or any other comments, please add a response. Thanks :)

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