Create/add change from an incident

  • 29 April 2021
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I got word from the advanced enablement training that it should be possible in some way to add a change to an incident. I take this should be the same way as associating the change like you do it in the agent portal. I was referred to in order to find the supported way to do this. But it escapes me what method I’m supposed to be using.

It would be great just to be able to add an existing incident to an existing change. Though my end goal would be to create a new change from a RFC via an Freshservice workflow automation via a webhook.

Would be great if some light could be shead on this.


1 reply

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Hi Erik,


You can create/associate a new change from the incident page as shown below.

But if you are looking to automate this process, then creating a ticket workflow automator is the best option. The workflow will trigger the webhook and call the ‘Create Change API’ to create a new change request. You can pass data from the ticket to the change using placeholders. If the existing change ID info is present in the ticket, then we can associate the ticket with the existing change using the same workflow.




You can find the sample payload to create a change here: Please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to set this up for you. Cheers!

Warm Regards,

Team Freshservice