Customer Portal Ideas?

  • 21 October 2016
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Hi All,

We've evaluating Freshservice and we are looking at our plans for self serve and customer views at the moment. Just wondering though whether anyone would share examples of their Customer Portals?

I am not a developer in any way but wondered what was possible? It won't be too difficult to beat what we have now but any advise welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Dan Hollands

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9 replies

Hi Dan!

I don't know if you are aware of this page, but this might help you with at least a baseline for a customer portal! I know it says Freshdesk, but the templates are applied in the same way -

For our customer portal, we currently use the "M" theme, but I am in the process of finishing a custom theme from scratch! It isn't terribly difficult to do, but just know there are ready made options available! 

I have attached a screenshot of the portal I am working on now to maybe give you some ideas!




Thanks Jess, appreciate your help on this. The portal looks good, especially like the full width search option, the eye is drawn to that which should (hopefully) encourage users to try and self serve!

We have had our portal modified to add on a password self serve link for user, Fresh is a great product and we have seen immediate improvements to the service our users get


Thanks Grant appreciate that. Would you be free for a call at all? Given that we are a local government I wonder whether you had similar challenges in implementation that we are having right now?  Thanks


Good morning


You can get me on 077343 53129 anytime today up until 5pm (17/11/16), I am on leave
tomorrow. More than happy to discuss what we have done

Hi Grant, 

How did you get the key icon in for the password reset option?

@JessRodier - would you be happy to share the HTML? Our site is not public facing!

I would be happy to! I just released the code to our portal and am working on some design bugs and responsiveness, but I will post it as soon as I finish it up!

Sorry for teh late reply, I found the key icon on an icon website, had to buy it but was only $2