Customise menu on portal to remove service

  • 9 March 2023
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I added the following to the Custom stylesheet, and it successfully removed the employee onboarding from the side menu.  I also want to remove the service catalog menu item.  I dont know the code to do that.

I would also like to remove the items from the new menu.



#emp-onboarding-list,#main-nav > div.main-nav-items > a.employee_onboarding.ficon-employee-onboarding{
  display:none !important;

5 replies


I worked out how to get rid of the service requests in a similar fashion.

#catalog-list,#main-nav > div.main-nav-items > a.catalog.ficon-service-catalog{
  display:none !important;

Now onto the new menu, which still displays employee onboarding and service requests.


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Hello @wef42 I am not sure if you are using the New Generation Support Portal but they have recently releases a No-Code Portal that allows you to make customizations without having to write any code. This might be an easier way of achieving what you are looking for.

Here is a link to a webinar that will demo this capability 



Yes I am using the new portal designer. I have a portal for customers and wanted the service request and employee onboarding options turned off which is what started the search for how to do it. So far as mentioned above it’s done apart from the new menu in the new ticket page. 


Hello @wef42, just wanted to say thank you for posting your code to remove the service catalog and employee onboarding items from the side menu.  It worked perfectly!! Were you ever able to figure out how to remove it from the new menu on the new ticket page?


Hello @wef42

Were you trying to remove the service catalog from the side menu from the portal?  If so, where did you put that to remove it?  We also want to remove it from the “New” menu.  We would like to remove it to reduce clutter.  Thanks!