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  • 13 December 2021
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I have been looking for a solution to change the look for my end user portal. It appears that my HTML is missing the key elements to change the look of my buttons. I would also like to change what they say. 

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Side note - if anyone has code they would like to share I would love to see what could be done


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28 replies


Any ideas or scripts on how to add more links to the navigation hamburger to the top left corner? There was a good script earlier in this thread for hiding things but I would like to add all my service items as links in the navigation as well  :) 

@Ammar KB 


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Hi @Anssi Salminen,

Really apologize for the delay,

You can copy the below code:


 <a href = ""
               role  = "menuitem"
               class = "{{menu.class}} {{menu.src}}"
               {{conditional_attribute menu.external_image 'target' '_blank'}} >
                <span>Go to Google</span>

and paste it in the Header section of the Admin-->Helpdesk Rebranding-->Customize Portal-->Layout & Pages:

Just after {{/each}}. I’ve left the image section blank, You just need to include the Img url there within the code snippet.



Hope this helps! Happy Holidays 😀

Anyone know how you can ALWAYS show the “Did you find this article Helpful” that appears at the bottom of Articles?  Right now, if you click “No” you can fill out a ticket, but the Did you find…. piece disappears on that article.  I would like for it to show regardless if I have already clicked No in the past.  Working with an HR group, so needs are a little different.  I understand why this would disappear on an IT Ticket, but we need the ability to answer No each time we review all the articles.