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  • 26 November 2021
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Brand new FreshService user here!

I am trying to customize the requestor portal colors and managed to change the color scheme for the home page search feature background. I can’t figure out how to get rid of the images on there though. How would I go about doing that? I have no experience with CSS or coding.


Thanks in advance!


4 replies

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Hi Sheila,


This can be done via Branding which you can find under Admin Tool


hope this helps.



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@vijay_2am, I think she’s talking about the background image than the Freshworks’ branding (that’s displayed on your screenshot.) :slight_smile: 

I’m tagging a few of our experts here for visibility: @rajagopal.baladhandayutham, @sanofar.allahpichai, @viswanatha.mehta -- can this be possible w/o CSS/coding?

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Hello @ThatCommunityGuy ,


Yes, the re-branding can be achieved with the section which i have high lighted above. I am not able to test it though since i am running on trial version of freshservice.

I believe it will have a feature to replaces the image as well.




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Hi @Sheila G and @vijay_2am 

We would not be able to replace the background image directly. We’ll need to customise the CSS of the web page and have the image changed. I have attached a sample code for the same.

#hero-banner {
background-image: url('') !important;

.hero-banner-container, .hero-banner-container:before {
background: none !important;

Under the URL, you’d need to replace the public URL for the image you wish to replace. The code needs to be pasted under Admin-->Helpdesk Rebranding-->Customize Portal-->Stylesheet.



Team Freshservice