What does a day in the life of an IT professional look like?

  • 16 February 2022
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What does a day in the life of an IT professional look like?
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IT folks across the globe, across industries and roles have had their ticketing portal buzzing, emails overflowing, people rushing up to them for quick fixes and so much more. In short, IT folks have endless requests coming their way from different directions. But do we exactly know how their day looks like and all that they do? It’s time to find out.

Here’s a question for all the IT folks here in this community playing different roles - IT agent, administrator, manager, director, etc. in their respective workplaces - What does your day look like?

Feel free to include

  1. How your day looks like?

  2. How you plan your day?

  3. How you navigate through executing your plan?

  4. What works for you?

  5. What does not work for you?

  6. What are the challenges you are facing in recent times?

Well, who knows, each response can be similar and diverse in many different ways! Looking forward to reading them.

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@rashmi.nag this is a great topic. I am sure many of us have seen the hundreds of “A day in the life of” videos on youtube. If anything simply for inspiration...or to see what software developers eat on a daily basis :joy: . But for me my day stems around organization and routine. 

A typical day for me as a Software Administrator/Developer includes a workout and a coffee to get the day started. Then, since I currently work from home, its logging into my computer and launching the 1000 software programs that I need throughout the day :sunglasses: .  Usually, my first stop is my day planner (I use Notion) where I write down my top Todos that I want to accomplish for that day. Then I head over to Freshservice to check my dashboard for any outstanding tickets. As well as our chat platform to see if anyone is having any issues with the software.

From there it’s a continuous flow of developing more efficient ways to use the Freshworks platform, updating any custom applications I have built, or leveraging the system to meet the needs of our IT Managers and departments.

Luckily I work fairly independently so my schedule is pretty flexible but I prefer routine so I try to minimize change when possible. 

My day can get really hectic quickly when there are outages, a workflow breaks, or if there are multiple departments that need platform changes and they all come in at once. However, navigating these problem areas is what makes the job exciting.

I try and take breaks throughout the day and when finished its time to eat, play with the kids, clean, read and study to stay up to speed on the fast paced changes in the IT world!.

I really enjoy what I do which makes “going” to work not such a big deal

OH….and did I mention there’s coffee?!?!?! :coffee::yum:

Would love to hear what it’s like for everyone else!!