Internal email responses create public replies

  • 13 May 2024
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When a sends an email in they will email and sometimes CC 

As expected this will create a ticket. 

If then replies to the email  and removes from the chain this is then added to the ticket as a public reply. 

This is less than ideal as these are internal comms and as the customer is removed from the chain the intention is to not have them receive the comms. Freshdesk adding it as a public response is undoing this. It should be added as a private note. 

There could be a number of reasons for the accountmanager initiating the conversation and we cannot always rely on the service desk to start a private thread and notify the accountmanager or forward the ticket out as a thread. 

Is there a work around for this? 

It is unlikely that users will change their behaviour to match any system requirements. 

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Greetings @bidds

I believe that the email address is  an agent email address. In Freshdesk, it is expected for any replies sent by an agent from their mailbox to be automatically added as a public note, regardless of whether a customer is included in the thread or not. 

Unfortunately, there are currently no workarounds available for this issue. We must log into the helpdesk to determine whether a private or public note is to be added. However, I have conveyed this feedback to our team for further consideration and to enhance this feature in the future.

Kindly drop a message here for any queries. 


Thank you.