Bug? Additional Items in Contract aren't presented in Software view

  • 24 March 2022
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I need some help with sorting out our software workflow, and I think we’ve stumbled upon a bug. Whenever a new software contract is created, we can add service items and cost details no problem, but it seems like Freshservice is only using the information from the top row. If I add an item with 1 unit, that 1 unit will show up in the related Software license list. 

If I then add another Item, and additional units, those do not get added to the software license list. In the first screenshot, it should translate to 1 license in the Software view, and the screenshot below should translate to 3 licenses in the software view - right? Unfortunately, it’s still only showing 1 license available.

Whe​​​​​​n we change the top row to 3 though, that data is sent and in the software license view we can see 3 licenses.

I’m assuming this is a bug since it can obviously receive the number from the top row but not from additional rows. It also works to add separate contracts, but that’s a whole other process that’s not always necessary for us.


1 reply

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Dear Nezeki,


I have the same behaviour on my side…

It seams to be a bug in fact.

You could open a ticket on