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We are a MSP in the network infrastructure field and provide Incident and Change support to our customers by using Freshservice. The 24x7 support is delivered to our customers in collaboration with a partner. With this partner we agreed on a financial model to charge us per ticket. 

The challenging we are now facing is the high number of “duplicate” tickets generate by our provider. When there is an issue with an internet circuit our provider is proactively informing us by sending a mail to our support mailbox. The issue now is that for every update or change in ticket status a new ticket is generate which has an impact on the bill towards our partner. See attached screenshot

We’ve reached out to our ISP to see if there is anything that can be changed of their end but that is unfortunately not possible.


As the subject is always the same format. {provider ticket id} + {circuit id} + { customer reference } I tried to solve this with the workflow automator but since the API doesn’t support the merge or associated a child ticket option I’m stuck and I cannot find a solution to solve this.

Is there someone in the community who can help us to tackle this challenge or maybe a freelancer or consultancy firm that has the knowledge in house to help us out. 

Thank you!



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