How do you manage Context Switching while working in a support role?

  • 16 February 2022
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I find myself actually spending a lot of time setting up my workflow to maximize efficiency. Which seems counter-intuitive initially :joy: but has allowed me to increase my productivity once it is in place. One area that I still struggle is the element of context switching, or bouncing back and forth between different software.

So I’m curious...what suggestions does anyone have to improve this component of productivity and efficiency? Especially in the realm of utilizing Freshworks products and integrations.

1 reply

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I love that you mentioned setting up workflow for efficiency from the beginning, @zachary.king


I also think context switching is a mental game. That means thinking more about the purpose of what you’re doing in that moment, instead of thinking of the tools themselves. The tools become methods to achieve that purpose, and feel more productive and meaningful.

I have seen simple methods like taking a good breath between switching and even writing down the purpose of what you’re working on as a reminder to help with the mental exhaustion that can happen with switching focus so often.

I bet others have methods to handle this they might not even be recognizing! What do you use to stay productive and focused?