Main Admin can't see tickets or anything anymore

  • 24 May 2023
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I was experimenting with admin permission and removed the main admin from the IT Workspace.
I believe with that I lost the necessary roles to view tickets etc.
When I re-add myself to IT workspace nothing happens as I cannot give myself Roles? How am I supposed to give myself permission then? It says user cannot give roles to himself but I only have one, main admin? So once you remove a permission or role from the admin you cannot re-add it again?

Can someone explain this to me

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From a security point of view, in any solution, once you remove yourself admin roles, you cannot add that role to yourself.

You need to request a second admin to do that for you.

You should be able to add roles with permissions below to your current permissions, but not higher.

This is true for any software which works with security roles and permissions.


Hope this clarifies.