Powershell Orch - Test App works, actual workflow fills in empty placeholders

  • 15 May 2024
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I am building a workflow for Employee Onboarding and my chain has quite some Powershell Orchs.

Whenever use “Test App Action” my scripts/command work without any issue and I get the result I expect in the “result” field. However, when I execute the workflow and my AD Create User Orch app OR my simple “Add note” I use for debugging now have to fill in the placeholder {{A3.result}} which should look like firstname.lastname, it fills in blanks. I have tried using liquid filters to remove whitespaces etc, but no change. I have never had any issues with result placeholders whatsoever before. Ever since I added the GetADUser parts it bugs out for some reason. I have no issues when performing this on the DC itself.
It’s not the only instance of the workflow that has this issue. Can this be some bug?

This is one of the payloads:
function Convert-ToEmailFriendly {
    $normalized = $name.Normalize([Text.NormalizationForm]::FormD)
    $noDiacritics = $normalized -replace '\p{Mn}', ''
    $emailFriendly = $noDiacritics -replace ' ', '.' | ForEach-Object { $_.ToLower() }
    return $emailFriendly

function Check-UPN {
    $emailAddress = "$emailFirstName.$emailLastName"
    $upn = "$"
    if (Get-ADUser -Filter "UserPrincipalName -eq '$upn'" ) {
       $emailAddress = "$emailLastName.$emailFirstName"

    return $emailAddress

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

$firstName = "{{ticket.ri_132_cf_employee_first_name}}"
$lastName = "{{ticket.ri_132_cf_employee_last_name}}"
$emailFirstName = Convert-ToEmailFriendly -name $firstName
$emailLastName = Convert-ToEmailFriendly -name $lastName
$emailFullName = Check-UPN -emailFirstName $emailFirstName -emailLastName $emailLastName
Write-Output $emailFullName

1 reply

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I have tried simplifying and simulating using a smaller Automator and I still get the same problems.


The note just has “{{A2.result}}” to test if it can print the result in a note, but the results are blank.
If I use “Test App Action” jit simply gives a result for A2 like this: