Requesters to see tickets from a shared mailbox.

  • 10 February 2023
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I am aware there is the ability to add the option to allow a user to see all tickets from a department. However this will mean that the requesters can see each other’s tickets. Instead of just the shared mailbox. Is there a better way we can do this? 

3 replies

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Quick question, why would you have a shared mailbox that has tickets? surely these tickets should be assigned to the individuals?



We have this setup as certain groups in the business use a shared mailbox to communicate wiht others in the business and that all users in that group can manage and reply to messages.

For example, the HR shared mailbox will raise tickets regarding new employees - all employees in HR need to be able to see the email chain and tickets. Our previous system allowed us to specify requesters that could see all of HR’s tickets, but then not each other’s individual personal tickets. 

The Share Ticket Feature for Requesters was recently rolled out back in October 2022.

If someone can login as the Shared Mailbox account, this would allow them to share the ticket with specified individuals.

This would be done on an individual ticket basis though, and may not be the best way to do things. In addition, only requesters has this ability (and agents are unable to share tickets with other end users at this time). In addition, these tickets sharing do not show up under the ticket activity either, and there isn’t any way agents can easily view who has share access to a ticket.