Retrieving approval status via FreshService v2 api?

  • 20 May 2022
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As part of some automation we are intending to implement for account provisioning, I would like to be able to see the approvals that have been requested and granted? In the UI I can see the requests being sent to approvers but I don’t see a way to retrieve the approvals via the API. I believe the approvals are being gathered through the use of Workflow Automator.


Am I missing something? Is it possible to retrieve these approvals and their status?

If not, any suggestions on the best way to track approvals so we can pull them programmatically? Our intent is to follow the “trust but verify” philosophy. It helps with auditing in the sense we can capture a list of requests and who provided approvals.




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2 replies

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Answering my own question:


Looks like our configuration is using the activities feature to track approvals.

So I’m able to use the /api/v2/tickets/[id]/activities endpoint to see the requests for approval and the actual approvals too. 👍

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Followup on this. It appears the v2 API is still missing some functionality unfortunately. I cannot find a way to programmatically access the approval remarks (submitted by approvers) through the API.


Is this possible?