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  • 21 April 2023
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When the team opens a ticket they see a small note in the top left corner. See picture.
I think this is a reminder so they are aware that the ticket is overdue or awaiting response.

But is there a way to remove this. Especially when it says: Response overdue!
When they already responded this note should disappear but it stays in sight. This confuses the agent because you do not know if you responded or not.
Where can I find this setting?


Best answer by Surbhi 21 April 2023, 10:45

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Hi Eric,

The note which you are seeing above the ticket is called state of the ticket. The different states available on Freshservice are -

  1. New : This tag gets added on the ticket immediately tickets gets added until the first response is sent. If first response is sent on time, this will get auto removed, else it will move to ‘Response overdue’ state.
  2. Response Overdue : This tag gets added to a ticket when there has been no response on the ticket by an agent and the ticket is past its First response SLA.
  3. Overdue : This tag gets added if a ticket’s resolution SLA has been violated and it is past the Due by date.
  4. Requester Responded : This tag gets added on ticket whenever the requester of the ticket replied back to ticket.


These tags are auto-added and cannot be removed from ticket. It depends upon the defined business hours and SLA getting applied on the ticket.