“These events can be performed by” setting in workflow Automator events

  • 22 March 2022
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Could someone please explain to me when exactly the “These events can be performed by” setting for a Workflow Automator event takes effect?

We tried to set up a workflow when a service request is raised. The workflow should be triggered only when an agent creates the request. Therefore, we have set the option “These events can be performed by Agent” > “Any”. When I now create a new service request as an agent user, the workflow is not triggered.

When I change the setting to “These events can be performed by Requester” the workflow is triggered also for agent users.

I have not found a convenient method to get the desired result with conditions.

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Hi @m.rieder ,


This is where the catch is, 

"These events can be performed by agents" works only when an agent creates a ticket on behalf of a requester.
So, when an agent creates a ticket, even if he is a valid agent in the portal, he becomes a requester for this specific ticket. This will result in a conflict in this user's identification in the portal, which in turn will conflict with the Workflow's event, which is why this event action must be set to "These events can be performed by Requesters"

As to have a Service Catalog item to be visible to only the agents, we can utilise the limit visibility option in the Service Catalog. This way we will be able to elevate this Service Item only for the agents to raise this Service Catalog item.

Here's how you can do it:
Navigation: Admin > General Settings > Service Catalog > Select the required Service Catalog


Service Catalog Visibility

Hope this helps :)