Trouble triggering workflow automator on requested item change and description change

  • 4 October 2022
  • 2 replies

I’m trying to set up a few workflow automations that trigger when a Service Request description is changed and when a Requested item is changed.

There doesn’t seem to be an event for when an existing Requested item is changed:

No option for “Requested Item is updated”

Note, this seems to work for New requested items.

Same issue for Service Request description. The Service Request is updated event also doesn’t pick up on changes in a Service Request description:

This doesn’t trigger when a Service Request’s description is updated
Changing this description doesn’t trigger the “Service Request is updated” event

Is there any way to trigger a workflow automation for these two cases or are they unsupported? Thank you

2 replies

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I haven’t seen any event for editing the request. 

Update as I understand is when user/agent change a field and click on the update button. 



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Hi @tmjc .

As @daniel.soderlund states, Update is triggered when the button Update is clicked, that is, specifically, when a property is changed.

So, technically speaking, this would be a Feature Request.

This would be a request I would vote for.


Regarding the existing requested item being changed, that would also be another feature Request.