Which ITSM capabilities do you plan to improve in 2022? (POLL)

  • 5 April 2022
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ITSM is not all firefighting and many would argue that it’s ultimately about improvement (or continual improvement if you use ITIL). So please take this poll on where you plan to improve in 2022...

Which ITSM capability do you plan to improve most in 2022?

4 replies

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Time to vote 👍👎

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Definitely going to be CSI this year, looking at all the manual processes and taking steps to automate them. 

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For us we are currently rolling out enhancements to Employee Onboarding, by Change Management is next on the list. Freshservice is going to make things tremendously better for us in that area! And I am looking forward to starting that project.

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To reduce workload we are looking over what service catalog items we can address using the automation components and freshservice catalog integrations.