Workflow action “Requested Item added is” is not triggered on new ticket

  • 22 March 2022
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We would like to set up some workflows to have an approval when certain Service Items are requested.

The event to trigger the workflow when someone requests the item “new Mailbox” that I tried to use is “Requested Item added is”.

Now we got aware that this workflow is only triggered when the item is added manually by an agent to the service request, not when the ticket is created in the first place, even though the same “item added” entry is displayed in the Activities log.

This is really confusing, and I would therefore suggest changing the name of event and the respective activity log entry, to make clear that the first log entry stands for an item added by the service request and the second one for a manually added item.

In addition, which events should I use in the workflow Automator to trigger the workflow in both cases, when the item is requested by an Service Request or when the item is added manually by an agent?



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Hello @m.rieder,

If you want to trigger the Workflow when the Service Request Item is “Mailbox”, You may use the following Event with condition as follows:



Condition :



This way in the Activity Log, It would show the Requester name that they’ve requested this Item and would trigger the Workflow :


Thus you do not Manually have to add the Items to trigger this Workflow and would be triggered when the Service Request for “Email Access” is raised.

However, I understand the concern that the “Requester added an item” remains common in both – the reason here is because the Requester is raising a Service Request/ Agent is adding the Requested Item in the Ticket. Hence the behavior in the activity.

Hope this helps!😃

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Hello @Ammar KB, thanks for your reply. I already was aware of the possibility using the “Service Request is raised” event in combination with a Condition. But my question was how to design the workflow so that is triggered in both situation, when a Requester is raising a Service Request and also when an Agent adds the item manually in the ticket.

 I guess with an event like the following in combination with the your condition should cover that in both cases?

Anyhow I still find it confusing to use the same entry in activity for both events.


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Hello @m.rieder ,


This would cover up both the use-cases, Although for the 2nd event, the condition would not even be required but is still being checked. However it will be satisfied. Since there are 2 events it is kind of confusing because both events would perform same action 😄