Workflow Automator to allow approvers to make inputs on ticket

  • 21 April 2020
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Hello.  New Freshservice user here.  I've searched the forums and Google for this, but can't quite connect all of the dots for a specific use case we have in using Workflow Automator.  We have a few ticket types that require additional custom field inputs by the "next person up" in the approval chain.  We are currently facilitating this in a Smartsheet workflow, but would like to migrate this into our new Freshservice instance.  I don't see a way to do this currently.  Does anyone have a workaround?

Example, Requester A submits a Service Catalog request > Ticket is sent for approval to a manager, who must fill out 2-3 additional fields > Ticket receives final approval from department head > Freshservice agent(s) process the ticket.

Thanks in advance.

1 reply

Hi Kirk,

The current flow of the Employee Onboarding module is similar to this. An initial form is filled  by the HR raising the request which when submitted triggers emails to the employee and Reporting manager asking them to fill out further details. If the workflow you are currently building is for Onboarding requests then this would be a good fit. Click here to know more.

However, currently, the same workflow cannot be achieved through Service requests. I can have this presented to our product team as an enhancement request. We’d like to discuss your use case in more detail. I am having a ticket raised with our support team so that they can help with this. 

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice