Agent creates a support ticket to other agents dilemma

  • 13 April 2022
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Sometimes our agents need to create a support ticket for someone else on their team to resolve. For example, the agent's printer broke so he creates a ticket by emailing at The ticket is properly assigned to another agent who replies with a pending solution.

The dilemma is - whenever the agent that created the ticket replies to the other agent's response, the reply goes back to him when it should go to the agent who replied.

Is there a solution for this dilemma?

2 replies

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Hi @dexterb ,

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I understand you are facing issues with the ticket replies from your agent who raises a ticket to your support domain, when this occurs ideally, the reply should be appended to the ticket in your helpdesk, could you please DM your account details in the format of ( and the screenshots of the responses returning back to your agent, so I can have this converted to a ticket and we can continue this conversation.



I did as you suggested. Any ideas yet?