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  • 30 January 2023
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I want to know if it is possible to change the default field when I create a form.
the field Requester ask me for mail and name but I want to separate those two informations in two independant fields. But I can’t remove the default Requester field, even if I have others fields in my form.
Is it possible ? thanks

3 replies

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Hi @JulienM 

Greetings from Freshdesk community!


The default fields in ticket forms cannot be removed. However, you can control the way they are visible to your customers in your support portal, and in your feedback widget by renaming it under ‘Behavior for customer’.

For the requester field, a new account will be created in your Freshdesk portal when a new user creates a ticket. It is a mandatory field for both your agents as well as customers when they submit a ticket. This field will be filled in automatically for a logged-in user.

However, if you want the customers to enter their name in a seperate field, you may create a custom field under Admin>Workflows>Ticket fields called ‘Name’ and add this to your form. 

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Tanks for the reply. I understand why the requester field is mandatory. However, when I open a ticket, the Email field at the right side is always empty (as you can see in the PNG attached). the only way for me to check the mail address of the requester is when I hover its name with my mouse.
I know that I can fill this field by adding Email field in my form, but the requester field ask mail address already. I don’t want my users to do the same task twice. is it possible to gather mail address from the requester field and paste it to the mail space when an agent open a new ticket ?

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Hi @JulienM,


The email field which you are referring to is an custom ticket field that would have been created manually by you or any of the Agents in your Freshdesk account.


If needed, you could navigate to Admin-->Ticket fields to remove this particular field.


Ideally, the email address of the requester will be visible on the right hand side of the ticket details page (under contact details) itself for your visibility. Here is the screenshot for your reference - 



Feel free to drop a note here incase of further queries :)