Community Matters | Episode 1: Shep Hyken - Role of Online Communities in Shaping CX

  • 22 April 2021
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Community Matters | Episode 1: Shep Hyken - Role of Online Communities in Shaping CX
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Introducing Community Matters, a series of Fireside chats with industry experts to know more about the importance of online communities.


Episode 1

The role of an online community in shaping the customer experience. According to Gartner, 80% of all organizations expect to compete on CX. These brands go above and beyond to set up great customer journeys, including significant investments in customer journey mapping, omnichannel experiences and customer analytics. However, one aspect that’s often forgotten but yet is critical is an online customer community. Join us for the first episode of “Community Matters” as we host Shep Hyken to discuss an online community’s importance in shaping the customer experience. We’ll discuss how online communities:

  • Contribute to a higher trust in your brand

  • Act as a source of first-party customer data and identify issues before they blow up

  • Can be a form of self-service for faster resolution and lower cost


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2 replies

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Is there a way Freshworks can push content to Vimeo or another platform like it? Youtube is blocked across our enterprise so we cannot watch most videos or complete training on Freshworks academy. Is there a solution in the works for this? It is causing disruption in our customer service.

We have ~500 users to train and feedback on the video training that we can share (insane workaround in place). This request has been open for 6 months. 

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Hey @Bethany Wesley,


DMing you straight away!