Native Tik Tok integration

  • 21 April 2022
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We have a customer who asks for native Tik Tok integration from the Business account to reply comments inside Freshdesk, but it is not available for the time being.

This discussion has been raised on a Support ticket ID: 11614516 as Feature Requests with Freshdesk team and we were suggested to raise this discussion on the Community Forum that display a case might be related to other global customers/ users of Freshworks so these features can be possibly determined in the future product roadmap.


Please keep us updated.


2 replies

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Hey there, @triyosigirinda -- welcome!

We do indeed have a separate section dedicated to gathering ideas/feature enhancements which you’ll see right here. I recommend going ahead and creating a new idea so we can gather more votes, and allow for further reach.


The more details you’ll be able to add on to the topic (screenshots, use case etc.) the better for members to provide their input! 😀



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@Riaz yes, I’ve done it on here. Please consider and keep us posted.