Browser history functionality broken on the helpdesk.

  • 14 October 2013
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Hi guys,

I've had a little search around and am surprised to find that no one else is reporting issues with the lack of working browser history when viewing tickets inside the help desk.

Myself and other my other co-workers are having this problem and find it mildly inconvenient but hugely irritating!

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thanks in advance,


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8 replies

Hey Luke

Sorry for the trouble but can you elaborate a bit about this ?


Ah! Of course.

I'm referring to the fact that when I'm browsing the ticket list (/helpdesk/tickets) if I view the details for a particular ticket and then try to use my browsers back button to try and get back to the list page, I instead get returned to the page I was browsing before the list of tickets.

I.e. Browser history is not tracked for the various views inside the ticket page which the browser treats as a single page. However as a user this did not match my expectations.

Please let me know if I've not been clear.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Luke

Ok, understood the problem here

Just today we got a suggestion from a customer to use Pjax, which I've forwarded to my Dev Team and we will implement this soon.

Bear with us for sometime and we will get this fixed.


+1 -- This is VERY annoying and confusing to users.

+1, we're having this issue as well (our staff all use different browsers, it's the same in Chrome, Firefox, and IE). It's really frustrating to hit the Back button to view tickets, and get sent to something I was doing hours previously (like creating a customer account).

Or get sent back to the blank tab from when you first opened a new tab, very frustrating!

+1 Using history.pushState should clear this up for you.

Hi Guys

This has been fixed