Invisible text

  • 21 January 2019
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last week one of my colleagues experienced a weird bug, no text appeared in his ticket, 

but if he marked it you could se the text at first we thought that it was due to a customer accidentally sending tickets with white text but after 1-3 refreshes the text was visible once more as if nothing happend. 

has this happend to anyone else? Freshdesk support wants to know before my bug report is taken seriously


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2 replies


This happened to one of our agents today.

They use IE11.

They created a ticket and the text started off as white.

The user switched it to black.

Then later, on the ticket list, one of the ticket's was listed with a subject that appeared blank (but it was likely white text). 

(This only affected one of the tickets in the list.)

We'll try to recreate it to learn more about the issue.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Correction - the agent created a reply (not a new ticket).