Ticket Property: Type not filled out in ticket page

  • 21 February 2014
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When replying to, or editing tickets, the 'Type' setting in the Ticket Property form on the right-hand side of the page is being lost. I can set it, save, then reload the page -- but the setting is now lost.

Any chance someone could take a look?


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6 replies

Yes agreed - also when a user sends in an email - the Type property is not filled out... requires extra steps for every tickets answered

I have this problem now as well.  I remember the same thing a while ago and it eventually cleared itself up.

Yes, I've noticed the same thing recently as well.

I noticed the type not being allocated automatically since the recent update - which personally I prefer as it always defaults to question and not every call is a question so it prompts my team to categorise the call type correctly as opposed to running a report and finding out that 90% of calls were allegedly questions!!

There have been a few glitches since the recent update one of them being in ticket view it only shows the land line number of a contact where as before it used to show the main line and a mobile number - I've been provided with a freshplug but was advised it was removed for design purposes which is just madness!! Agents need to see as much information on a single screen as possible.

Same issue here, I thought it was a change on my end but see it is more wide spread. I need the type to default as before.

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Initially we had the Type field mandatory by default and this was not really preferred by a lot of our users. 

So, we went ahead and made some changes to allow you to set it as non-mandatory as well. Since it is no longer a system level mandatory field, a default value will not get populated.

To make things easier, you can either make this field non-mandatory from Admin>>Ticket Fields. You can then do a bulk value assign later on, if required. 

Otherwise, you can setup a dispatch'r rule to get this value assigned automatically upon ticket creation. 

Let me know if you have further questions!