Issue with Probe and its agents

  • 20 November 2015
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Hi everybody,

I have a misterious problem with the feature of assets discovery.

My network is composed by 50 windows machines (pc and nb); Three of this machines have installed the agent (for my test). Inside one of these three machines there is the Freshservice Probe.

The probe collects inside its interface only the name of the machines (or IP) inside my network and responds with many error messages (like "unable to scan the device", "permission denied: DCOM" etc.)

In the log I see many informations like bios version, processor, hd space, manufacturer and many other, but nothing of this informations appears in the probe.

My CMDB is always empty.

What's wrong?

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1 reply

The issue was in freshservice end.

Now the new release (bug fix) is ok!