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  • 16 May 2023
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Good day

I have created an email workflow follow up for deals that are older then 7 days but it is not working.



Please advise why it is not working.

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Greetings from the Freshworks Community!

The workflow is configured to execute the action based on the condition (when a new record is created - once for each record) which means, the email will be triggered only when the given condition is satisfied at the time of creation. 

For example, the condition, ‘Deal stage is in New or any other stage will be satisfied as by default a new deal will go to the “New” stage if we haven’t chosen anything. According to the workflow, this is satisfied and the email will be sent. 

However, the ‘Created at is greater than 7 days’ will not be satisfied for a contact at the time of creation. During creation, the created at will be 0 as it is the present day. Due to this contradiction, the email will not be sent out. Hence, to achieve the second condition as well, you can change the execution to “Everyday at a specific time’ with the condition as “Created at is exactly 7 days ago’

This way, the workflow will check for the contacts that were created 7 days ago and sends the email to all of them at the specified time in the workflow. PFA screenshot below for reference, 

I hope this helps. Kindly check and let me know if the email is not sent even when the conditions are satisfied. We would check if the placeholders in the email are added correctly and you can also check the workflow audit history to check for an y failures. 

Do let me know in case of any further queries. Have a great day!