Sleep a ticket for a specified time

Is there a way to add a status to sleep a ticket for a specified time?  I want something in addition to pending or a second pending option with a different timer.

I found out ways to sleep ticket for specified days since last responded to but this isn’t sufficient for my needs.  I want to be able to sleep ticket for 6 weeks from when I changed status to sleep.


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Hi @cdole 

By referring to sleep a ticket, could you brief us on what exactly are you trying to achieve? We can suggest you to create a custom status field and name it “Sleep”, post which you can toggle off the SLA timer for this status. 


So once the agent sets the status to “Sleep” the SLA wouldn't be running on this ticket and ideally it means the ticket is on hold. 


I’m actually trying to make a reminder to follow up, on the  ticket issue, from the point I change the status to “sleep”.   In our particular situation we want to follow up with the customer after a specified amount of time.  So if the ticket would flip back to “open” after say six weeks from setting it to sleep that would be perfect.

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@cdole You will be able to reopen or change the status of the ticket(to any) based on the time the ticket had been on the custom status “Sleep”. 

This would be possbile using Time Triggers Automations. Right after you create a custom Status, the system would create a ‘Hours Since Custom Status’ condition under the time trigger automation. 

Here is the a sample rule setup for your use case, you can create an automation rule, based on any other conditions you would need to have.


Admin > Automations > Time Trigger


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Oh cool, I didn’t realize you could do that.  I’m going to give it a try later today.  Thanks!

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Sure, @cdole. Do give it a try! :)



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Sure, @cdole. Do give it a try! :)



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Sorry, didn’t get around to this until now but this is the part that’s not working for me.  


“Right after you create a custom Status, the system would create a ‘Hours Since Custom Status’ condition under the time trigger automation. “


No custom status fields are showing up there, just the defaults.   I went to ticket fields > Status > and added the sleep field but it doesn’t show up in time triggers “hours since”.  

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The ‘Hours since custom_status’ condition in Time triggers automation is available from the Estate plan in Freshdesk, @cdole. Kindly check your current plan and let us know in case you are still facing trouble on the same. 


Thank you,

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