freshchat google sheets integration

  • 14 October 2023
  • 4 replies


Hi there! I am looking for a way to capture user input into Google Sheets in a WhatsApp bot or a similar integration with Excel sheets.

4 replies

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Hello @techsupportufi - thank you for your query. @Surya_narayanan - please could you help out here?

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Hi @techsupportufi , If the current requirement is to push the inputs you are getting in a google sheet/ Excel to a Freshchat account. I can confirm that we currently do not support the same.


we want to push inputs from freshchat whatsapp chatbot to google sheet or excel 

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Hi @techsupportufi , currently there are no native options to send/push the data from Freshchat to an google sheet or excel. Since we do not have an native integration option with Freshchat for Google sheet or excel.