Moose Purple Theme for Freshdesk Support Portal

  • 13 December 2019
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Moose Purple theme for Freshdesk support portal

Moose Purple is a modern-looking and maintenance-friendly theme for the Freshdesk support portal. It is based on excellent customer experience (CX) and the latest design trends. 

Flawless performance and easy maintenance 

This Freshdesk support portal template has a clean code that is easy to read, maintain, and modify for other developers. It will provide your customers with an enjoyable and hassle-free experience because it has been tested thoroughly. You may check the theme on any device and make sure its performance is flawless. 

Consistent colors and good contrast for super easy reading

Moose Purple features a few color schemes that follow the design standards. All visual elements are consistent and make content super easy to read and scan. So the theme will leave a professional impression on your users, no matter whether they are meticulous designers or football fans. 

Extended opportunities for a bespoke Freshdesk support portal

You can brand and customize this Freshdesk theme yourself or order a tailor-made support portal from a Freshdesk authorized partner.    


7 replies

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This Freshdesk design is based on the Moose theme. We branded it to create a seamless look and feel with the main website. The Freshdesk theme also features a user-friendly layout that avoids clutter thanks to the well-thought-out design and support portal structure. Additionally, the home page offers users to sign in to the document storage and partner websites. 

Learn more about this customization in our case study


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This Freshdesk support center is based on the Moose theme. We branded it according to the corporate guidelines to create a seamless user experience. 

Freshdesk support center for Cryptohopper

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The Moose theme for the Freshdesk customer portal can have any color you want. You simply need to add your brand colors, fonts, and icons. Alternatively, you can order Freshdesk branding from Breezy Themes. 


Contact Breezy Themes to get expert recommendations for your Freshdesk customer portal. 

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Branded Moose can look like this:


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Moose for Freshdesk includes a free extension "Formatting components". It allows you to make your content easier to read and navigate without having to add multiple plugins. The components include:

  • accordions
  • callout blocks
  • Font Awesome
  • images
  • lists 
  • tables
  • tabs
  • videos
  • and many more...

Freshdesk extension Formatting components

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The basis for this Freshdesk customization is the Moose theme. We added the footer as on the main website and customized the template according to Bento's mockup.


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Freshdesk customer portal for Tropical Server is based on the Moose theme. To create a consistent look and feel with the main website, we branded it and customized the header and footer. Additionally, this Freshdesk support portal has a custom layout for the homepage and inner pages.