Attempting to parse data from an MS Form using the expression builder and not having any luck!

Hi Everyone, I’m very new to fresh-service and the systems it has and I’m having a bit of trouble parsing information from an MS form.

The MS form is attached via the power automate fresh-service connector so while tickets are submitted when the form submits, the information is plain text at the moment.


With the expression builder I am attempting to parse this information but have run into a wall due to a lack of understanding.


Currently this is what my expression looks like below


This expression attempts to

  • Convert the ticket description into a substring
  • Find the starting index of ‘First Name’ and then the length which follows ‘First Name’

Currently when I try to test this expression I face a syntax error but there’s probably more problems with this than just that right now.


I’d really appreciate any help and thank you for your time.

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