Best way to manage ticket alerts ie mass email coming in

  • 13 June 2024
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Does anyone have a good way to manage tickets flow in the terms of not spam multiple emails coming in? We have a few of our systems email us when something is alerting or failing to our ticket board, and we will get a few emails over a little bit of time that i end up merging in the end. 

Can this be done automatically? 


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5 replies


Just checking the settings too. Is this something that can be done in the free plan, or do we need to upgrade to do what I’m trying to do? 


Thank you

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Greetings from Freshworks Community!

You can explore marketplace app called “Automerge”:
This app will allow you to merge tickets based on ticket fields and you can define a time frame as well. 

Please note, marketplace apps are supported from the Growth plan. 

Let me know if you have further queries. 



Thank you. I had emailed support and was just about to update my post here. 

Our company is now looking to upgrade our free tier to the next plan to manage this part of our tickets. 

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If you are also getting notifications that the service restored. In the Pro price range you have the Alert Module that handles these kind of things pretty good.

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Thanks for sharing your insights, @Chmiel. :)