E-mails from agents not arriving

  • 12 November 2022
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Since a few days we’ve been noticing the e-mails from agents often not being delivered.

The message bounces back with a quite generic error:

Reason: "The message did not reach this recipient after several attempts. This could be due to connection problems with the remote server or temporary problems, such as a full mailbox. Try resending the message after some time..


Any idea on this? It used to work fine for about 2-3 weeks before, new tickets stil get created so in general the inbound traffic works.
Just to make sure I’ve also whitelisted the Freshdesk domain in our antispam filter in O365.
It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, which is pretty frustrating for the agents and it ‘seems’ to happen mostly when there are 2+ recipients in the CC.

2 replies

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Hi @MarcinJ 


Greetings from Freshworks community! 


I understand that you are facing sporadic issues with Emails being bounced that are sent by the agents, in order to check this further, Can you please DM me the details of your Freshdesk Account and the Recipients email addresses? 


Looking forward to your message. 

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Could you upvote this idea asking to get better error messages for messages that cannot be delivered?  :)