Emails from the same sender being merged into one ticket

  • 17 May 2024
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We are experiencing an issue where multiple, separate emails, are being merged into one ticket. The emails are from the same sender and are being sent in fairly short successions. This is fairly common for us so I would really like to know how we can avoid these being merged.

We have no “Merge” apps installed, so this is a freshdesk issue, has anyone else experienced this? Or has anyone found a solution?


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Hi @Steve.O.HF 


Greetings for the day.

We understand you are facing trouble with different emails getting appended as replies to existing tickets in your helpdesk. As per the product behavior, Freshdesk checks three email markers for every incoming email to understand whether the email is a reply to an existing ticket. If the email is identified as a reply, Freshdesk performs additional sender email checks to ensure it's not spam. Please refer to the article link to get detailed insights on the same:


In case none of the aforementioned email checkers match and yet the emails got appended to an unrelated ticket, please share the email headers of the appended emails and that of the ticket to which the email got appended via DM to check this further at our end. You can get the headers with the help of:

Thank you.