Computer CI properties clear when CI type is changed to a sub-CI type

Not sure if this also falls under a new feature, but I would classify it more as a problem report. Here's a description of my problem:

I'm adding new computer assets (desktops specifically in this case) into the CMDB using the FreshService discovery agent. Some computers are either a little older or custom-built machines, so when they are imported, a particular product isn't listed (i.e. make/model) and the CI type selected is Computer. Computer properties and specs are imported correctly and the fields in the Computer section are filled out. So far, so good..

I want to go ahead and associate the asset with a specific product, so I go and create the product and give it a specific CI type of Desktop. I go back to the asset and assign it to the product. This all works great. However, I'd also like to update the CI type of the asset from Computer to Desktop, to be a little more specific. Assigning this asset to a product of the Desktop type, didn't update it for the asset.

My real issue is that when I update the CI type of the asset from Computer to Desktop, the computer properties are cleared out completed and have to be added back in manually. Now this would make sense since a different CI type will have different properties and fields, but I'm specifically referring to selecting a CI type that is a sub of another type (i.e. selecting Desktop or Laptop shouldn't clear the Computer fields since they are sub categories of Computer). Changing the CI to Projector or Scanner would completely make sense since they are separate CI types all together.

This make sense? Anybody else deal with this? This is really quite frustrating and I'd like to see a fix for it or explanation at some point.

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Any update. We're running into this as well.

Hi Tyler/Lee,

Thank you for sharing your concern.

This is a default behavior as of now, however, will share with the concerned team regarding the same to see what best can be done on this and keep you posted.

Just give us some time to get back to you on this.

Feel free to write to us on for your questions, will be glad to help you also we can be reached on +1 (866) 832-3090 anytime.



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Hi Jayesh,

It's been a year, that should be plenty of time to get back to us on this issue. Any updates? I'm running into this update too where the discovery agent reports almost all computers as "Computer" when I need it to be reported as Laptop or Desktop. Going in manually to edit them all is not an option otherwise I would just do this in Excel.

Would love to know the status of getting this fixed since this is very obviously a short sighted design decision (or some might call it a bug).


If you are editing the type in the edit asset form, you will not lose any data. We fixed this issue early last year.

@Phil if you have devices being discovered as Computers and you want them to be classified as Laptops, I recommend changing the type of the Product under Admin -> Product Catalog. YOu will then have the option to change the Asset type of all the assets of the same product and this will also ensure that any devices discovered in the future will also have the correct type.

Let me know if you have any questions.