Restrict Registration Based On Domain

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Hi All,

Sorry for the delay here. We completely understand the importance of this feature and we do have this in the Roadmap.

Recently we have migrated from Rails 2.0 to an upgraded platform. Also, this feature is already available in Freshdesk, so we will be bringing this soon in Freshservice too along with a few other interesting features like Project Management, Custom Reports for Tickets etc.

We will keep you posted once this feature is released.

April 2017 and this still seems to be an issue... this thread started in 2014, if this issue was 'important' then it would have been fixed by now.


Can you tell when this version will be ready?

Danilo, check back again in 2038.

"Danilo, check back again in 2038. "

Apologies ,we should have take care of this earlier.

We totally understand the frustration and the good news is you don't have to wait till 2038 for this :-).

Our development team is already on it and the feature should be out within 3-4 weeks.

Maljeev Rafi

Freshservice Support Manager

Hello Everyone,

Here's a peek into how Domain Whitelisting will work in Freshservice. Will update this thread once the feature is launched. 


It has been 4 weeks. Launch update?

I spoke too son when i mentioned the dates earlier.We had to perform some extra checks on security related items w.r.t this feature and hence the delay.

If everything goes according to the plan, it should be out by 4th week ,worse case by end of this month.


Helpdesk Restrictions based on whitelisted domains is now available in Freshservice. You can find more information about this feature here.

Please give the feature a spin and share any feedback you may have! 

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This feature that took 3 years to implement (OMFG) is still poorly done. If I have more than one customer portal, a registered user (whitelist or not) can login to any of the portals. Yes a user from company A would have to guess the url of company B's support portal but if we have confidential or proprietary information in solutions or tickets then this is a big security issue for us. The settings that you have implemented for support portals need to be on a per portal basis, not for all portals. Any chance this will be fixed or are we looking at another 3 years?