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It would be good if you had the ability to filter themes by free/premium. It was a pain to click through every theme only to find out majority of them had a cost associated. At a minimum at least provide a list of the free ones, which is only about 4 themes. 

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Hello Jo,

The below tabular columns would give you an overview of the list of paid and free themes available with us. We would keep a tab on this to make updates regularly:

Freshdesk Vintage
Freshdesk Support Portal Theme
Clear support
Suit & Tie
Ask Away
Road Ahead

Frio template for Freshservice and Freshdesk support center
Barren Freshdesk Theme
Concord - Responsive Freshdesk Theme
Frio - Responsive Freshdesk Theme
Otay - Responsive Freshdesk Theme
Apollo theme for Freshdesk support center
Matrixt Freshdesk support portal theme
Moose theme for Freshdesk Support center
Vertio Freshdesk Portal Readymade Themes
Hexas Freshdesk Portal Theme
Obscu Freshdesk Portal Theme
Lucida Freshdesk portal theme

For any queries regarding this, feel free to reach out to, would be glad to help.



Freshdesk Support

Hello, we're new to Freshdesk and decided to get a theme from Helpdesk Theme because it was promoted on Freshthemes Gallery. But we were disappointed. 

First, it was very difficult to get it because of the problems with the cart on the website, it took us a long time before we did it. The installation was okay but after the theme was installed we realized that not all features Helpdesk Theme specified on Freshthemes Gallery and their website are available. E.g. there are NO promoted articles, NO additional components, etc. 

They attracted us with beautiful description and screenshots but in reality we got a theme which was too basic with nothing extra (even though it said there are extra features). The code also isn't best concerning the readability, you need a significant amount of time if you want to change something. 

Thank you for the feedback, Marcel. We will check with Helpdesk Themes on this issue.

Very few/none good themes for the support portal

The guys at Help Desk Theme have been great! I installed one of their free themes, and had a bunch of issues setting up. They logged in as a temporary agent and fixed it all up for us right away. Highly recommend, esp. if you don't want to pay extra for a theme.

How to install these theme 

this is my response I ever post in any forum ... I need theme layouts for using in a site to make it fast and light

Thanks For Sharing Such Quality Content and very useful i was also looking layouts that can be used for Apk Racing Games website with a good user interface

Thanks Alot

HI, but need a specific plan to use theme?

hi, I m new to fresh look.. literally need the advice to get the free theme for my site… I need to make my site fast and light as well… is there any designed guidelines available?

Thanks for providing this useful list. I am also looking free theme for my website. This list helps me to find theme.